Forty-two health facilities run by SCA in Wardak closed by Taliban

Following last week’s deadly attack by ANSF forces in Wardak against The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) the Taliban have forced SCA to close all health clinics and a hospital in Wardak province. This affects provision of health services to hundreds of thousands of people, particularly women and children.

The Taliban forced SCA to close 42 out of 77 health facilities in six out of nine districts of Wardak province so far, and due to this closure, an estimated number of over 5,700 patients are affected on daily basis.

“Forcing SCA to close health facilities hence denying people to receive medical treatment and health services is an obvious violation of human rights and international humanitarian law, says Sonny Mansson, SCA country director.

“We demand immediate reopening of all health facilities for the people and we strongly urge all parties involved in conflict to refrain from such actions which deliberately puts civilian lives at risk”, he added.

The Taliban demand was given this weekend directly to SCA and its facilities in the area, following last week’s attack by ANSF forces the night between 8-9 July on a clinic in Tangi Saidan area of Daimirdad district, where four people were confirmed dead and one is still missing; the attack by ANSF was strongly condemned by the SCA*.

SCA is in continuous contact with all parties in an attempt to reopen the health facilities in the Wardak province and we specifically urge Taliban leadership to agree on reopening of the health facilities with immediate effect.

The closing of mentioned health facilities affects per day more than:

3 800 outpatient department
1 100 children under five years of age
620 visits to EPI (expanded program on immunization)
220 MCH patients (maternal and child health)
100 IPD patients (in-patient department)

*Press release the 11th of July: SCA strongly condemns attack on health clinic in Wardak province: