Ghamai, an Afghan elder praises SCA's health services in Daimirdad district

Ghamai 72 is an Afghan elder living in Tarnawi village of Diamirdad district in Wardak province. He expresses satisfaction and gratitude for SCA providing health services in Tangi Sayedan, a remote area through a Comprehensive Health Center (CHC+).


“My wife suffered from a weird pain in her leg, her leg would get doodles. We took her to many health facilities in Kabul, but as we would return home and upon the medicine completion, she would catch the disease again with severity. Finally, we decided to admit her to this clinic. We have passed ten days here, and tomorrow our patient may be discharged as she is feeling healthy now. Let me express my heartiest gratitude to the SCA’s health staff delivering health services quite professionally with a kind behavior. I really appreciate it,” says Ghamai. 

He further adds that the provision of such a quality health service is a prize in such a remote area, as hundreds of people from nearest and faraway villages attend this clinic for their health issues. “From here to Chak district hospital, it's five hours long and a hard journey by car. Imagine carrying a woman during her childbirth to the mentioned hospital, both the life of mother and child is likely to be lost during the lengthy trip. Let me express this clinic is a really precious facility to these vulnerable people, if we take a person for an ordinary health treatment to Kabul city, it costs at least 50,000 AFN, so I can say that people from Daimirdad and even Chak district do refer here for health treatment,” he adds.  

It is worth mentioning that since 2004, SCA has been supporting the Tangi Sayedan clinic. All 26 health staff (including five women) work at this facility. The clinic has 10 beds allocated for five women and five men. In 2020, all 44,183 OPD have been registered here indicating a figure of 3,682 patients per month.

The health services at the Tangi Sayedan clinic includes medical care during and post pregnancy, laboratory, blood donation services, general surgery, family planning, TB prevention, infant malnutrition, vaccine, mental disease treatment, physiotherapy, and awareness-raising about disabilities, ambulance services, all OPD and diseases diagnoses and X-Ray services.