"I wish we could implement our programmes without any disturbance"

INTERVIEW | Sonny Månsson appointed Country Director for SCA in Afghanistan.

Congratulations to the new job as Country Director in Afghanistan. What are the upcoming challenges for SCA?"Thank you. Let us first see how the situation develops with the parliamentary elections now in October and then presidential elections in the spring."
"We continually face challenges implementing our programs in insecure areas where the government is not in control. Sometimes our activities are stopped or disturbed, especially those involving girls or women's rights."
"Then we have an enormous water pipeline construction in the Rostaq district, which is challenging, both from a technical point of view and because it is the largest single project SCA has ever implemented. It's very exciting!"

 If you had to make a wish list for the future, what would be on it?
"That we can implement our programmes without any disturbance. But also to continue expanding our activities in the districts where we already have a presence, so that we reach out to a larger share of those districts."

 You have an interesting background, can you give us a summary?
"I started working internationally in the Middle East in 1988, for the UN Palestinian refugee organization, UNRWA and was stationed in Beirut, Vienna, and Amman. I also worked for OSCE, especially with former Yugoslavia, and for the EU in Ramallah and for TIPH in Hebron. Initially, I served as an army officer in a Swedish UN battalion in Lebanon, that's how I got an interest in international work."

 You have already been in the management of SCA for over a year, as Deputy Country Director, what will be the biggest change in your new role?
"I have a greater overall responsibility and will also represent the organisation
externally, it is an important and necessary part of my job. It is also important to continuously develop and assure the quality of the operational work."

TEXT: Niclas Ericsson.