“Loving humanity, I prefer to serve in a village rather than a city”

“There is no required attention to women health care in the rural areas and villages. In addition bad economic situation makes it difficult for people to go to Kabul for better treatment.” Says Khadija Jaghatowal, an Obstetric Specialist. That is why Dr. Jaghatowal travels to Dasht-e- Toop clinic in Maidan Wardak, from Kabul every day.

Khadija Jaghatowal has been working with this SCA’s 10-bed clinic in Dashte Top for one year. She is helping pregnant women in this rural community who faces a lot of challenges that can be better understood by a female doctor, working in remote areas.

Jaghatowal said that her father also encouraged her to work for back warded societies. “The happiest moment for me is when I see the smiling face of a mother after a surgery and see that I saved the life of a mother and her new born baby with the support of Allah. Such moments could not be explained with words.” Said, Dr. Jaghatowal.

Dasht-e-Toop clinic is located 14 kilometers south of Maidan Shahr. The average number of patients who visit this clinic for treatment is around 250 patients a day. The clinic is equipped with an emergency ward, surgery room, 10 beds and an ambulance.

Though there are some shortcomings such as lack of X-ray machine, inactive Ultrasound, limitations in Pharmaceutical and Laboratory, anyhow the patients visit this clinic from about 80 kilometers distances on daily basis with an aim to get treatment here. it’s 11:00 o’clock in the morning and I see a crowd of patients in the clinic compound and cars waiting for them outside the clinic which most of them have come from long distances, perhaps.

SCA has taken the responsibility of service delivery in Dasht-e- Toop clinic since 2014. Despite the mentioned limitations, doctors and nurses like Khadija Jaghatowal helps patients to the largest extent possible. However, there is still serious needs for more financial resources to equip this clinic in a better way.


Noor Agha Sidiqzai

Senior Communications Officer

Central Regional Management Office

Contact: +93 775 150 683