My father helped me make my dream come true

Islam Gula a teen girl with a disability, who has Kyphosis and her right leg is week due to poliovirus. She is a resident of Moqor district of Ghazni province and her dream was to have a private and independent job so that she does not rely on anyone in the future; with support from his father and by completing SCA's vocational training she made her dream come true.

Moqor one of the insecure districts in Ghazni province and conflict usually occurs between the warring parties. This issue has caused many children to be deprived of education and adding to that, many people living in the area have become disabled.

Islam Gula said: “My father helped me make my dream come true. Every day he took me to the vocational center by motorbike and brought me home after the classes were finished. This process lasted eight months and my father did this without sensing any tiredness. I am really thankful to my father.”

Nonexistence of educational facilities, long-distance of the school from Islam Gula's home and also conflict caused Islam Gula not to be able to study.

She found learning a vocation, the only substitute for not being able to go to school. The vocational training center was nearer than schools and also the way to the center was relatively peaceful.

When the vocational training process finished, she received the tailoring tool kit and started tailoring at home. Her father accommodated a room for her to work conveniently at home.

She wanted to expand her business and needed monetary support. She received a loan from SCA and bought a zig-zag machine and some clothes. The initiative made her design new clothes and sizes and then supplied them to the local market until she found customers from the village.

Right now Islam Gula is self-sufficient and she is really delighted and satisfied with her vocation and has a good income from it and she also helps her father in home expenses and gives him some money from her income.