Niamatullah with his children.

Girls class in private home, taught by late Niamatullah

SCA supported school teacher killed in gun fight

Niamatullah a teacher of a SCA Community Based School was killed during a fire fight between Armed Opposition Group (AOG) and Afghan National Police. He was on his way back home after teaching in Shir Khan CBS, when he struck in a cross gun fire. A bullet hit him in the neck, which resulted in his death on the spot.

The incident took place in Shagoli area, Qarabagh district of Ghazni province on Monday 25th April 2016.

The Shir Khan is a girls' school located in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province. Qarabagh is controlled by both AOG and Afghan security forces. AOG have their control on remote areas while the central part is administered by the Afghan government.

Niamatullah was married and left his wife and four children, three boys and a girl. His home was located 300 meters from the school. Representative from SCA conveyed a condolence message to his family, besides taking part in his funeral and pray ceremony.

“We all are saddened of death of SCA supported school teacher Niamatullah. Our sympathy and prayers goes to family and friends. This incident shows the volatile environment in which SCA and its courageous staff operates. We ask both parties (AOG and Afghan government), to pay respect to the lives of civilians, their homes, schools and hospital buildings, says Mr. Jorgen Holmstrom, SCA Country Director.

“Unfortunately SCA is suffering from all warring factions - AOG, International forces and Afghan forces. In Wardak, our hospital was intruded and three people were killed. Recently in Kunduz, an SCA school student lost her life and two other wounded as their home was hit by a rocket. Almost all areas where SCA operates are insecure, we try our best to take care of SCA employees, but responsibility to protect civilians lays on the shoulders of Afghan government and the AOGs, he added.

Jorgen Holmstrom called on all warring factions to respect human lives, adding that SCA does its utmost to continue its work for the people of Afghanistan: “We are independent, impartial and neutral.”

Niamatullah, 47 a teacher of grade 6, was graduated from secondary school grade 12th. He was working with SCA since 2011. During the period he got subject, and teaching competency training through SCA trainers.

SCA supported Shir Khan girls' school is upgraded to formal primary school, and 348 girls are getting education in 12 classes from grade one to grade 6. Classes in grade 1 to 3 are taught by the teachers allocated by Ministry of Education, and the students in grade 4 to 6 are taught by SCA supported teachers.