SCA supports National Teacher Elected Council in Kabul

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan on May 14, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with National Teacher Elected Council (NTEC) in Kabul. Based on this MOU, SCA grants an amount of 1.857.106 Afghani to NTEC in order to support the teacher’s rights and improve education in Afghanistan.   

Sonny Mansson, SCA’s Country Director stresses on the SCA’s commitment toward supporting Education sector in Afghanistan. “We are aiming to continue our support from the education trend in Afghanistan and we do not tend to reduce these supports in future,” he says.

Meanwhile, Fazil Ahmad Fazil, Head of NTEC expresses his gratitude and optimism:

“I thank SCA for their financial support, this will help us resolve our technical problems in 29 provinces across Afghanistan,” he says.  

Mrs. Mahboba Rahmat, the Secretary of NTEC who is also a Member of the Parliament in the meantime, expresses her gratitude for the SCA’s contribution. “This contribution will also help us reinforce the role of women, because 20 percent of the NTEC is now made up of women,” she added.

This MOU is valid until end of 2019. SCA has the right to monitor and ensure implementation of the activities agreed in the MOU.  

SCA run Education, Health, Rural Development and Disability programs in more than 14 provinces of Afghanistan for the last 35 years.