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“if this school wasn’t built by SCA, our children would have been illiterate today.” Says the villagers

Jalalabad Regional Management Office The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has established the Miakhel primary school in Miakel village of Qarghaee district in Laghman province, worth 7,3 million Afs in 2014. This primary school building has 6 classes, 2 administrative rooms, facility for clean drinking water and surroundings. While the school wasn’t established, the children couldn’t go outside of their […]

Shakila’s success over her life’s challenges

Jalalabad Regional Management Office Shakila a 22 years old girl, suffered with lots of problems to seek education in her province. Shakila is originally from Nuristan province, which is well known for its remoteness and she has completed the school in her village. Currently, she is living in Nuristan with her family and she was the only girl in […]

Children From Nangarhar’s Sikh Community No Longer Suffers From Lack of Education

Jalalabad Regional Management Office Education is one of the basic needs of humans in a society, but Sikh community in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan did not had access to education. This is the first time they have their own school which is constructed by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in the mentioned province. Baba Kabir, school building’s construction cost […]

My Lessons and Teachers Mean a lot to Me: Naila

Jalalabad Regional Management Office Naila who is a resident of Nangarhar province and she is also a student of grade three of Jamalo Village School says: “in order to build our future, our parents motivate us to go to school and get education”. Nine years old, Naila has six sisters and she is the eldest among her siblings. Her […]

The SCA Provides Access to Clean Drinking Water to a Remote Afghan Village

Jalalabad Regional Management Office The residents of Wadigram village of Kunar province had no access to clean drinking water and unavailability of clean drinking water was one of the serious problems among the other woes they have. The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) through its Rural Development Program (RDP) and WASH project, recently handover the completion of a pipe […]

Safiullah “Visual Impairment is not a hurdle for me to get education.”

Jalalabad Regional Management Office 16-year-old Safiullah, a person with visual impairment, is pleased for having the ability to learn education for his bright future with other same age students in mainstream school. Safiullah who is now learning at eighth grade was enrolled at mainstream school in 2013 after studying special education in preparatory education center conducted by Disability Program […]

School for 800 students

Jalalabad Regional Management Office Elders of Mirano Tappo, Behsud district have gathered to celebrate the construction of school building. They are happy and appreciating SCA for the construction of school building. As not so long ago, children of the area were used to sit in tents and study, but now they have a proper building for the school. Upon […]

SCA clinics and Health Management Office in Laghman are re-opened

Jalalabad Regional Management Office "I'm very pleased to announce the re-opening of all clinics as well as Swedish Committee for Afghanistan’s Health Management Office in Laghman province, that had been closed. SCA's mission in Laghman is to provide quality health service to all, and now we can fulfill our mission again," says Madeleine Jufors, SCA Country Director in Afghanistan.

SCA is forced to stop health services in Laghman

Jalalabad Regional Management Office Upon repeated threats from Armed Opposition Groups, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) has been forced to close 20 clinics and it’s Health Management Office in Laghman province until further notice.