Mazar Regional Management Office

The girl who is scrolling the wheels of her life’s success

Mazar Regional Management Office The tragedy of her life started five years ago, when she was 17 years old and was just graduated from high school. She had an accident in which her back bone was broken. It happened in their house and in the old well in the yard, which was out of use, collapsed and as a result Ms. Habiba fall into the well and was severely injured.

Graduation of students from preparatory education

Mazar Regional Management Office Mustafa Rahimi is 15 years old and expected to join public school along with 176 other colleagues. He is blind and has completed a two-year education at the Disability Program, Rehabilitation Center supported by Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in Balkh province. He says: “I thought I could never go to school again, but eventually this […]

Girls from different districts but with mutual goals

Mazar Regional Management Office In a big hall, a girl who traveled hundred kilometers to study and currently she is busy doing practical work in the skill lab of nursing school. 20 years old, Shahr Bano Haidari, from Dara Souf Payeen district is counting the days for her graduation from Community Health Nursing Education (CHNE) in Samangan province. Like […]

More and more people in Afghanistan are joining SCA as volunteering members

Mazar Regional Management Office I am able, not disabled, says Manizha Baburi one of many SCA-members in Mazar, part of Kabul Local Chapter, and she continues: being a member is a good way to influence and help build a stronger society inclusive for all, even for me as a woman with disability. Maniza Baburi is one of many people […]

Graduation of Forty Physiotherapists in Northern Afghanistan

Mazar Regional Management Office Afghanistan is one of those countries that suffers from luck of professional physiotherapists. This is one of the problems in the remote areas and districts of Afghanistan which people are facing. The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan with financial support of the European Union, tries to solve this problem and provided opportunity to train students in […]

Inauguration of 19 Projects in Sholgara District of Balkh Province

Mazar Regional Management Office Community Development Councils in Sholgara District of Balkh province celebrated the inauguration of 19 projects which is supported by Swedish Committee for Afghanistan. The projects included Pipe Scheme network projects, Semi Depth Wells Construction, Roads Concrete, Road Gravelling, Culverts Construction and Retaining Walls.   The projects were with 12 local CDCs and 12 villages under […]

A Step Towards Further Rural Development in Samangan Province

Mazar Regional Management Office In close cooperation with Rural Rehabilitation Department in Samangan, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan has completed a total of 28 different projects and handover them to the CDCs (Community Development Councils) in Samangan province. The projects included Supper Passages, Support for Micro Hydro Powers, Roads Concrete, Road Gravelling, Culverts, Retaining Walls and Canals. These projects […]

On a first time visit to Afghanistan

Mazar Regional Management Office “I have heard about the work of SCA and it is interesting for me to see the activities by myself. Even though I visited a small part of the organization I am really impressed” said Carin Jämtin.

I will never allow the rights of women in my village to be violated

Mazar Regional Management Office For Shah Bibi the Citizens Charter programme’s training conducted by SCA has made a big difference. She has learned about the rights and responsibilities of the villagers and she even was elected to the shura (Community Development Council).  “I am the representative of the people in the village and I will always fight for the […]