Taloqan Regional Management Office

I am the Hero of my village

Taloqan Regional Management Office “I am not disabled anymore. I would stay together with you and pay the costs of supports you provided me and convert my living condition to goodness and smile,” Gul Murad said the first day he entered his village in a wheelchair

Farzana to make history

Taloqan Regional Management Office The girls in Nahr-e-Ab village normally study school up to 7 or 8 grade - the maturity age. Then, they have to leave school. Some will stay at home to become house girls and some will have to accept forced marriage. But Farzana wants to change the practice. Farzana has a different story.

The war creates challenges – but we will not close our school

Taloqan Regional Management Office The ongoing war in Afghanistan creates major problems for educations in the conflict areas. This is evident in Gunash village of Qala-i- Zal district of Kunduz province, where the armed conflict has led to battles in the village several times during the past two years. The school in Gunash has closed three times during these two years.

SCA support families fleeing Kunduz

Taloqan Regional Management Office SCA's office in Taloqan has responded to the emergency situation of families displaced by the fighting in Kunduz. Around 900 000 Afghanis was spent on blankets, milk and diapers.

A school to love – as long as the weather is warm and dry

Taloqan Regional Management Office Is this a school or to a summer camp? Swedish kids would love this place. The school yard is a lawn, next to a roaring river. But soon the children would realize that when it rains or when it gets cold in the autumn, it is not so nice to have classes in tents and […]

Rahman converts project plans in to schools

Taloqan Regional Management Office Abdul Rahman is one of more than 5 000 employees at SCA that ensures that project plans turn into reality, that money from the donors is converted to schools for the children. During 19 years he has worked for SCA, and is titled Education Field Supervisor.

New schools have better conditions – No time to wait for painting

Taloqan Regional Management Office I should have come a month later. Then the two newly built girls' schools would have been freshly painted and nice. Now, honestly, they look quite ugly, with their gray cement walls.

WASH project benefiting 2 400 families’ in Khalyan, Takhar

Taloqan Regional Management Office We arrived to Khalyan and found a typical Afghan village. Almost everyone in the village is a farmer by profession and harvesting agricultural lands. Khalyan has almost 18 000 inhabitants distributed among approximately 2 400 families. In the village we meet villagers saying that “For the first time in our life, we felt the real taste of potable water”. The potable water was the result of a pipe scheme that SCA implemented in the area.

Girl from SCA school killed by a rocket

Taloqan Regional Management Office A 14 year old girl was killed, and two 9 year old girls were wounded when a rocket hit their house in the village Sakaz Tapa, in Kunduz province. All three girls were students at a school run by SCA. The family of the girls says that people in the village live in fear because […]