SCA the only health service provider in Maidan Wardak

News Although recent political transition in Afghanistan has posed many challenges and constraints in the health sector, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan remains committed to continuing to provide its health services in Maidan Wardak and other areas of its operations.

SCA brings hope to children of war survivors

News The construction of a school by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) in a war frontline has built hopes and brought smile to the face of children and residents of Olkhel village in Wardak Province.

After the Taliban takeover: What future awaits Afghanistan?

News The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan is organising its biennial international conference on November 11, 2021, in Stockholm. The conference will gather experts, policymakers, civil society, and academia to discuss the latest developments.

SCA demands respect for equal access to education

Press release The Afghan government has announced that boys should resume secondary school classes after a one-month hiatus. SCA finds it deeply concerning that the statement has no mention of girls’ right to education.

SCA Wardak Regional Office resumed its activities after a few days pause

News Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)’s Wardak Regional Management Office (WRMO) resumed its Education and Rural Development activities after a short pause due to the new political developments in the country. The Health Services delivery in all health facilities including the provincial hospital were running without pause.

SCA’s work continues in Afghanistan

News The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan and there is great uncertainty about the future. Despite this situation, SCA’s work continues. We are adapting but working with the same vigour – it is our responsibility and our duty. The world must not fail the civilian population.

Ghamai, an Afghan elder praises SCA’s health services in Daimirdad district

News Ghamai 72 is an Afghan elder living in Tarnawi village of Diamirdad district in Wardak province. He expresses satisfaction and gratitude for SCA providing health services in Tangi Sayedan, a remote area through a Comprehensive Health Center (CHC+).

Dr. Hafizullah Malang: “Our quality health services are very beneficial to communities”

Interview In response to the questions “How beneficial are our health services? If the health services delivery stop, what will happen?” Dr. Hafizullah Malang, SCA Sehatmandi Project director in Wardak Province says: “Most of the People in our society live under the poverty line, so if the health services stop, it will have negative impacts on our society.

Armed clashes force school closures in Ghazni

Press release Fighting between the government and the Taliban has increased in recent months in Ghazni province. The deteriorating security situation has forced many schools to close. The Swedish Committee’s education programme has also been affected.