SCA’s Country Director visits SCA activities in Wardak province

SCA's Country Director Mr. Daniel Madhani visited SCA's Wardak Regional Management Office (WRMO), Maidan Shahr Provincial Hospital, and the Community Midwifery School in Maidan Shahr. Mr. Madhani visited the departments of neonatal and maternity care, maternal and child health, emergency wards, child malnutrition, and laboratory sections of the provincial hospital


 "You are the ones who have been providing services to the people all day and night amid the current difficult and conflict situations. I am really proud of your work and thank you that you have never stopped serving the people." he addressed the SCA's health workers.

Mr. Daniel also visited the Community Midwifery School. "You are the best servant of the community, you are the one who will help the mother and child in difficult situations in the community, I am very happy and proud that I see you are getting your education. I hope I will attend your graduation ceremony next year," he said addressing the students.

Mr. Daniel also met Mr. Mawlavi Rahimullah Mahmood, the Governor of Wardak province, and Mr. Qari Bakhtiar Madani, Director of Public Health. The new provincial authorities promised all types of cooperation and coordination necessary with the Swedish Committee. "We are grateful to the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan for its continued assistance to the Afghans in the most difficult circumstances in Afghanistan. The Swedish Committee has a very good reputation," said the new governor Mr. Mahmood. "Since the invasion of Russians, people have been familiar with the good name of SCA. We hope that SCA will continue its assistance to Afghanistan."

It is worth mentioning that SCA is a non-governmental, non-political, non-profit, membership-based, and value-driven development organization operating in Afghanistan since 1982.

SCA provides health services to a population of over 655,000 individuals in the Wardak province, and these health services include general surgery, general internal medicine, general pediatrics, mother and childcare, ICU, eye care, mental health, HIV and TB services, x-ray, ultrasound, laboratory, and dental services, immunization and physiotherapy.

Aiming at equal access to quality educational opportunities, SCA has been supporting Community-Based Schools (CBS) since 2006. In 2,432 classes, a total of around 69,960 (56% girl) students are attending SCA-supported CBSs in 2020.

Community Midwifery Education (CME) is a standardized education for midwives and plays a vital role in increasing the utilization of maternal health services in Afghanistan. CME course was established by SCA in 2004 under WRMO and has so far graduated 181 students in eight different batches. Also 25 enrolled students are under training in 9th batch and will be graduated in May 2022.

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