Press release

Courtesy Meeting with his Excellency President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani

Press release Daniel Madhani, SCA’s Country Director met today with his Excellency Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan at the Presidential Palace.

SCA celebrates International White Cane Safety Day

Press release International White Cane Safety Day is also celebrated in Afghanistan by organizations working for the rights of visually impaired people. Visually impaired people, including girls, boys, men and women in Afghanistan still face many challenges in ensuring their rights in different areas of life, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan commemorates this day by paying attention to solving the problems and securing their fundamental rights.

SCA’s Country Director and Programme Director visits health programme activities in Chak and Sayed Abad districts of the Wardak province

Press release Mr. Daniel Madhani, SCA’s Country Director for Afghanistan together with Dr. Ahmad Khalid Fahim, Programme Director/Deputy Country Director and Eng. Shafiullah Sharifi Head of SCA Wardak Regional Management Office visited SCA’s health programme activities in Chak and Sayed Abad districts of Wardak province.

SCA’s resources and response to COVID-19 is intact in Wardak region

Press release The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan is delivering health services up to expectations of the local population and has control over the provision of health services and supplies, despite the limitation of health facilities and services for combating COVID-19 in other parts of Afghanistan.

SCA strongly condemns attack on MSF supported hospital in Kabul

Press release The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) strongly condemns the attack on Médecins sans Frontieres supported maternity hospital in Kabul. Reports show that most of the victims of the attack were women, newborns, and nurses.

Celebrating International Day of Midwives

Press release The 5th of May is celebrated internationally as International Day of Midwives, the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan also marks and celebrates this day to commend the important role that midwives play in saving thousands of lives every year in Afghanistan.

SCA continues to operate in Afghanistan during COVID-19 pandemic

Press release In accordance to an official instruction by the Ministry of Economy, the lockdown in the cities does not fully apply to NGOs working in Afghanistan, hence, the SCA has maintained its offices either partially or completely open to deliver health and most needed services to all Afghans in our operational target areas.

Aid should, and does, help civilians

Press release The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, SCA, welcomes the scrutiny of aid efforts in Afghanistan by journalist Magda Gad and the Swedish tabloid Expressen. It is a relevant and largely balanced account of the very difficult environment in which the Afghan civilian population lives and SCA operates. SCA however finds that a few essential corrections are needed.

Daniel Madhani new country director at the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, SCA

Press release As of this Monday November 18, Daniel Madhani is the new Country Director for SCA, one of Afghanistan’s biggest NGOs with approximately 6,000 Afghan employees. Daniel has a background as Secretary General for other Swedish founded international NGOs operating in the Middle East and Africa.