SCA Wardak Regional Office resumed its activities after a few days pause

News Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA)’s Wardak Regional Management Office (WRMO) resumed its Education and Rural Development activities after a short pause due to the new political developments in the country. The Health Services delivery in all health facilities including the provincial hospital were running without pause.

SCA’s work continues in Afghanistan

News The Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan and there is great uncertainty about the future. Despite this situation, SCA’s work continues. We are adapting but working with the same vigour – it is our responsibility and our duty. The world must not fail the civilian population.

Ghamai, an Afghan elder praises SCA’s health services in Daimirdad district

News Ghamai 72 is an Afghan elder living in Tarnawi village of Diamirdad district in Wardak province. He expresses satisfaction and gratitude for SCA providing health services in Tangi Sayedan, a remote area through a Comprehensive Health Center (CHC+).

Students that they are working as physiotherapist

News In 2016, the Disability Project of Swedish committee for Afghanistan in the North, started physiotherapy trainings to train more physiotherapists. A total of 40 male and female students from northern provinces attended in this program which is graduated by the end of 2019.

The government departments pledges to identify and solve the problems of people with disabilities

News A one-day learning workshop conducted in Balkh, Jawzjan, Samangan, Ghazni, Wardak, and Paktika provinces to discuss the problems, opportunities, barriers, and advocate for the rights of people with disabilities in the government departments.

From dependency to independency

News A group of women gathers in Nawabad Qadim village in the Shulgara district of Balkh province to help each other reach economic independence.

When the United States wants to silence the ICC, our voices are needed in support

News As the international Criminal Court has resumed its investigation of suspected war crimes in Afghanistan, Donald Trump has ordered sanctions against the court’s staff and those cooperating with it. By this action, USA is undermining International Humanitarian Law and denies justice for the Afghan people, blogs Secretary General Andreas Stefansson.

Kajsa Johansson SCA’s new chairman

News Kajsa Johansson, 41, was elected as the SCA's new chairman at the annual meeting on May 30. She wants to develop the advocacy work in Sweden for a better aid and sees the challenges in Afghanistan as greater than before.

Afghanistan’s community-driven development is on track despite challenges

News 'Experiences and Expectations for Community-Driven Development’ is a joint research study commissioned by SCA, ACBAR[1], and IWA[2] to assess the progress of the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP)[3] which is the first phase of the broader Citizens Charter National Priority Programme (CCNPP)[4].