Ghazni Regional Management Office

The couple who traveled from Parwan to teach children in Paktika province

Ghazni Regional Management Office Bibi Zada and her husband, Mohammad Yousuf, came from Parwan province to Sharana, the center of Paktika province and here they work as teachers in a girls' school called Noorania which is run by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

A child’s health is essential for education.

Ghazni Regional Management Office Thousands of newly enrolled students are going through health checkups at the Ghazni Regional Management Office of the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan’s CBCs/CBSs (Community Based Classes/Schools) by the doctors for infectious diseases, visual impairment/hearing impairment in the covered districts of Paktika and Ghazni provinces every year, to remove existing barriers against their quality education. According […]

COVID-19 Weekly Update: GRMO

Ghazni Regional Management Office Introduction: Ghazni Regional Management Office (GRMO) implements Education, Disability and Rural Development programs in more the 700 villages of Ghazni, Paktika and Midan Wardak provinces.

A nation tired of war

Ghazni Regional Management Office Alam Khan is the resident of Noghi village in Ghazni province. He has the responsibility of his twelve membered family including a nine-year-old girl with a disability. The tale of his life is painful and disheartening. According to him, last year his seven family members were injured inside his house as a result of mortar shell hit […]

My father helped me make my dream come true

Ghazni Regional Management Office Islam Gula a teen girl with a disability, who has Kyphosis and her right leg is week due to poliovirus. She is a resident of Moqor district of Ghazni province and her dream was to have a private and independent job so that she does not rely on anyone in the future; with support from his […]

Story of a young man who left home to study

Ghazni Regional Management Office Baz Mohammad Hanifi, 20 is forced by insecurities and his disability to leave his home and start traveling to study. He is a resident of the Andar district of Ghazni province, a district where armed clashes between the two sides occur most often.  Due to a roadside bomb blast he has been deprived of the blessings of both legs […]

A father who considers educating his daughters a duty

Ghazni Regional Management Office A resident of central Sharana of Paktika province named Mia Khan travels 12 kilometers on a motorbike daily to get his daughters to school and then waits some hours for the school’s dismissal bell to take his daughters back to home. This has now become a routine for him. Mr. Mia Khan says: “I am […]

From a single class to a school

Ghazni Regional Management Office Some years ago, a Community Based Class, CBC was started by the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan in a remote mountainous region called Gaw Misak in Qarabagh district of Ghazni province, and there were no facilities for education but the start of this class has brought prosperity to the people of the area. After construction of a school building, […]

Kuchi children also benefits from SCA’s education programme

Ghazni Regional Management Office Swedish Committee for Afghanistan impartially offers its humanitarian services to all residents of Afghanistan including the Kuchi (nomad) population. While the Kuchis does not stay for a long time in one location, SCA’s Ghazni Regional Management Office (GRMO) provided education opportunities for Kuchi children. Every day, dozens of children are coming to a tent, next […]